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Imperial Cars Ipswich – Air Con Re-gas

Recharge your system to keep your cool

What is Air Con Re-gas?

An air con re-gas service is a quick and effective way of revitalising your air conditioning system with all the refrigerant gas which has leaked out as part of its natural function. An estimated 20% of your refrigerant gas escapes each year due to the cooling process. Here at Imperial Cars Ipswich, we will ensure your air con is topped up and full re-gassed for the year ahead, so you keep cool, calm and collected when necessary.

The importance of your air-conditioning system

You might not realise it, but your air-conditioning system does a lot more to keep you comfortable than just producing cold air. It also plays a vital role in demisting your windscreen during winter and filtering dust and pollen out of your cabin all year round. Not only that, but harmful bacteria can build up in your air-conditioning system if it isn’t regularly maintained, bacteria which can have a harmful impact on your health should you not re-gas and clean your air-conditioning system.

Warning signs that you need an air con re-gas

Here at Imperial Cars Ipswich, we recommend that your air-conditioning system is serviced every two years to ensure it remains in the best possible condition. However, if you experience noises coming from your vents or system when the air conditioning is turned off, a musty smell or leak within the cabin, the temperature control becomes less effective or you notice that it takes longer for your air-conditioning system to work, or the air isn’t cold at all, you should book an air con re-gas with Imperial Cars Ipswich today, for your peace of mind.

A simple process to book your air-conditioning system service

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