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Imperial Cars Ipswich – Car Air Conditioning Services

Recharge your system to keep it cool

Your car air conditioning unit isn’t just important to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot weather. It’s also important during the colder and wetter months to help demist your windscreen so you can see clearly and safely. At Imperial Cars Ipswich, we provide car air conditioning servicing of various levels including recharging, cleaning and providing a full leak inspection and service.

Warning signs for your car’s air conditioning

It’s recommended by most car manufacturer’s that your air conditioning unit is recharged every 2 years. This will normally include a clean and a system check to ensure everything is in working order. A recharge involves topping up the refrigerant gas in your system that leaks out a little (about 10%) each year. If this isn’t done, then a lack of gas pressure makes your engine work a little higher which can cost you money in fuel. If you haven’t had an air conditioning check or recharge in a while, there are some signs to look out for that could indicate your car needs one. If there are some unusual noises coming from your vents or system when the air conditioning is turned off, then this could be a sign there’s something wrong. In addition to this, any musky smells or leaks can indicate a problem. The most obvious issue is when the temperature control becomes less effective and you notice it takes longer to cool down, or the air isn’t cold at all.

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Getting an air conditioning service with Imperial Cars

If you feel like your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, then you can bring it to Imperial Cars Ipswich to get it checked. We can provide a simple recharge or inspect the system a little more thoroughly to determine if there are any problems such as leaks, blockages from dust and dirt. Our team can also see if your system could do with a clean or if there is anything else major going on that calls for repairs. Even just getting a simple check over for your system can give you peace of mind that you can stay comfortable and safe during weather changes.

Book your air conditioning online

You can book your air conditioning recharge online using our 24-hour booking tool. It allows you to book even when we’re closed. With our recharge, we can provide a full inspection of the system if you wish, or just provide a simple recharge, it’s up to you. Just let us know when you drop your car off. If you have opted for collection and delivery, we’ll give you a call if we notice any other work that is required so you can make the decision when you know what’s wrong with your car. Book online or contact us during opening hours to get your car booked in for an air conditioning recharge and service.

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