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Imperial Cars – Diagnostic testing

The latest diagnostic test equipment to make sense of warning lights

At Imperial Cars Ipswich, we have invested in our new service centre to provide the latest technology in the motoring industry when it comes to diagnostic testing. When it comes to engine warning lights, there’s a whole range of different problems that could be wrong with your car. In fact, some cars can come with up to 50 different warning light symbols, each with hundreds of different possibilities of what could be wrong with your car. That’s why, we use the latest equipment so that we can accurately diagnose problems, quickly for any make and model and help you get your car back up and running.

Diagnosing warning lights

When it comes to warning lights, your car can be telling you that there is something wrong with the windscreen wiper fluid level or there’s something majorly wrong with your brakes or engine system. Each warning light can help identify the general area. If it’s something as simple as windscreen wiper fluid, we can easily visually inspect under the bonnet and fill it up. However, if there’s a leak somewhere in the system, we might not be able to identify it unless we get your car up on a ramp and start looking deeper. However, this process is often slow and can cost you in labour hours. That’s where a diagnostic test comes in. It quickly and accurately identifies the problem so that we can continue with the repair work efficiently. It means less time and money on your behalf.

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How does the diagnostic test work?

When it comes to diagnostic testing, it seems fairly simple, but actually most modern cars these days are built with an Engine Control Unit, which is essentially a computer. When we use our state-of-the-art equipment to determine what’s wrong with your car, it can seem like a small scanning tool. This tool, however, can identify every make and model of vehicle to find the specific manufacturer specifications that your car should be sitting at. After it does this, it scans the system for any errors that are essentially causing your warning light to illuminate on the dashboard. When this has been completed, it then sends a series of error codes to the scanner, which displays them to our mechanics. Our team are full of knowledge and experience that can help to provide you with a repair plan that will fix the problem and get you back on the roads safely.

Getting your repairs after a diagnostic test

Once our mechanics can identify the problem, we can then accurately quote you on repairs and labour time, which we wouldn’t have been able to do before the test. This means you can then make an informed decision about what you would like to do with your vehicle and how you would like to proceed. The reason these tests are conducted is to save our customers money and time. It’s a great tool to help get to the bottom of warning light issues and help our customers get honest and accurate quotations when it comes to working on their car. Book online today for a diagnostic test or give us a call if you’re worried about your vehicle.

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