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Imperial Cars Ipswich – Car Diagnostics

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What are car diagnostics?

Your vehicle could develop a fault at any point and, while it may be difficult to predict exactly when disaster might strike, car diagnostics help to identify which components are in the process of deteriorating, usually through general wear and tear. Our mechanics will use state-of-the-art equipment to communicate with your Engine Control Unit (ECU) and identify any potential errors which may be developing. Usually, we can carry out this test within an hour, meaning that it is the quickest way to find out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

An open and honest car diagnostics process

After our mechanics have inspected your vehicle, they will communicate any problems they have found with you and then discuss a suitable repair plan to get you back on the roads as fast as possible. And, because customer service is so important to us, we will never begin any repair work before you have given us your full approval. We do this to give you complete peace of mind about what work has been carried out on your vehicle.

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When to book a car diagnostic test

Regular diagnostic testing is always a benefit to improving the lifespan of your car, so we recommend investing in a car diagnostic test once a year. Failing that, you should bring your car in for a diagnostic test any time you notice that it has been driving differently for a prolonged period of time or there is an illuminated dashboard warning light. This could indicate the beginnings of a serious fault with your vehicle – so don’t take the chance!

A hassle-free way to book your diagnostic test!

When our diagnostic testing process is so simple, why should your booking experience be any different? With our online booking tool, available 24/7, all it takes is a few clicks to book an appointment. All you need to enter is your registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be then a member of our team will be in touch to confirm it with you. And, what’s more, you’ll never pay a penny before we’ve done all the work – so you’ll never feel ripped off.

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