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Imperial Cars Ipswich – Exhaust repair

High-quality exhaust repairs in Ipswich

Warning signs that you need an exhaust repair

It can be quite easy to forget about the importance of your exhaust but a fault with this component can be quite catastrophic, both for your vehicle and the environment. If you notice that your exhaust rattles or drags on the road, there is an unusual smell or excessive noise coming from your exhaust or there are strange vibrations coming from either the steering wheel or the accelerator, you should think about booking an exhaust repair with Imperial Cars Ipswich today.

Never put off an exhaust repair

There are a range of benefits to having a healthy, efficient exhaust system. Not only will it reduce engine noise and improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, the pollution levels of your vehicle will be significantly reduced as well. This benefits your health when driving and reduces the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. What’s more, if your catalytic converter isn’t working properly, you can fail your MOT test due to high emissions. So, if you think your exhaust has developed a fault, don’t hesitate to book an exhaust repair with Imperial Cars Ipswich today.

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Problems with my catalytic converter

On every car registered after 1993, a catalytic converter will have been fitted. This helps reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases by creating water vapour within your exhaust. Your catalytic converted should last for up to a decade or 50,000 miles of use, but that is only an estimate. If you think your catalytic converter has stopped working correctly, it’s important that you book an exhaust repair today. Never wait until the problem develops into something more serious.

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